How would you like to get paid to help make your community better?



We are very excited to announce that we are bringing our Ambassador Program back to life! We are offering our tenants the opportunity to reduce their rent every month simply by volunteering at one of the numerous organizations that we will be partnering up with.


Each month, you have the opportunity to be credited for up to 17 hours of volunteer work and reduce your rent up to $200. We will have up to seven different organizations for you to choose from to offer your time to, that way you can devote yourself to a cause that you feel you can really connect with!


Not only is this an amazing opportunity for students to lower their rent and serve their community, we are also giving them the chance to start their transition into the professional world. This is practically a job that you will be able to put on your resume!


At whichever organization from our list that you choose to work with, the supervisor will be analyzing your work and making sure that you truly are doing more than just “showing up.” (Which obviously won’t be a problem for you!)


At the end of the month (whether you have completed the maximum of 17 hours or just volunteered for a few hours) we will be crediting your work to your monthly rent balance.



-Must be at least 18 years old

-Provide proof of enrollment 

-Adhere to the code of conduct, policies, and requirements of the participating program

-All volunteers will be supervised and evaluated by participating staff

-Participating program supervisors are required to maintain volunteer hours/days of tenant volunteers for record keeping purposes. These records will be used to verify volunteer service hours.

-860 building is not eligible 

-Tenants may credited for their time volunteered up to 17 hours per month at a participating program to receive up to $200 credit per month. The number of hours actually worked shall be given at a value of $12 per hour, and the credit of the hours shall be applied to the following month's rent after hours have been verified. If tenant volunteers for more than 17 hours in any month, no additional credit will be applied towards rent, nor will the hours/credit be carried over to the following month. 

-If tenant is discharged by the participating program due to a lack of need then the hours that tenant accrued will be applied and rent will be credited accordingly. 


-Must be enrolled as a full-time student at UCSB or SBCC for the fall 2017-2018 academic year

-Must remain a 3.0+ GPA throughout the academic year

-Tenant may only volunteer and be credited for the hours at a participating program. There is no guarantee that agreement to participate in the Ambassador Student Volunteer Program will result in placement at a participating organization due to the needs of the organizations, existing volunteers, and availability to work.  A decision to offer hours to a tenant rests entirely will the participating program, and switch if an opening becomes available during the tenancy. 

-If tenant is discharged from a participating program for reasons other than lack of need by the program then the tenant will not be eligible for the Ambassador Student Volunteer Program for the remaining term of the tenancy. Tenant will not receive any rent credit hours worked during the month that tenant was discharged.

-If tenant voluntarily stops working for a participating program during the tenancy then the rest of the rent will resume the following month to the full amount. Tenant may again participate in the Ambassador Student Volunteer Program during the tenancy, and may participate at the same or a different participating program. 



St. George Youth Center - Tutoring

Isla Vista Elementary School - Tutoring

Friendship Manor - Reading & Walks with Seniors

Isla Vista Skate Park & Initiative

Campus 880 - Community Events


This program will very soon be available for all current and future tenants.


Have any questions? Feel free to send an email to and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have!